Devon Primary Care Trust judgement in High Court
DevonPCT judgement
An account of the suspension, contingent removal and termination of Devon GP Dr Roger Stephenson's contract, the subsequent High Court judgement against Devon Primary Care Trust and ongoing developments in this case.
Who's who?

These are some of the key people involved with Dr Stephenson’s case:

Dr Kevin Snee: CEO of Devon PCT (resigned Sep. 2009).   Chaired Dr Bower’s “hearing” plus all four of Dr Stephenson’s.

Ann James: Chief Executive of NHS Devon, appointed to replace Dr Snee in October 2009.

Mr Kevin Hale: At the time Assistant Director of Independent Contractor Performance at Devon PCT.   Lead the investigation into Dr Stephenson’s performance and recommended his Contingent Removal.   Married to Sarah Hale (see below).   He used her laptop to process sensitive personal information concerning the PCT investigation.   He took redundancy in 2013.

Mr Simon Tapley (.pdf): At the time Assistant Director Primary Care at Devon PCT.   Responsible for terminating Dr Stephenson’s PMS Contract.   Member of QOF visit team to Bow Practice in Dec 2007 and attended PCT Screening Group meetings.   Amongst other things he is currently responsible for “utilising devolved resources to maximum benefit for the patient population”, alongside having responsibility for delivery of all national and local targets, including performance management of appropriate providers in South Devon and Torbay.

Mr John Finn: Community Pharmacist formerly based in Crediton, the nearest large town to Bow, where Dr Stephenson was in practice.   A member of three of the hearing panels.

Dr Peter Jolliffe: Former GP, and, until he retired in December 2010, Chief Officer of Devon Local Medical Committee (LMC), the organisation that represents family doctors locally.   He dealt with Dr Bower's allegations and, despite thereby arguably being a witness, was a member of the screening panel that decided that both doctors should face performance hearings.   He supported Dr Stephenson’s request to the PCT for an independent inquiry into the handling of the performance review.

Mrs Sarah Hale: Former Director of Operations, Devon LMC (and at the time LMC lead on mediation).   Married to Kevin Hale (see above).

Dr Graham Lockerbie: GP in Dartmouth, until recently a member of Devon PCT Professional Executive Committee (PEC).   He was the clinician who hurriedly compiled the highly critical yet error-ridden report into the first investigation of Dr Stephenson.   Until 2007 he was PEC chairman for South Hams and West Devon PCT, which was chaired by Sally Foxall with Alan Tibbenham as CEO.   In September 2011 he became Medical Director for the cluster of NHS Devon, Plymouth and Torbay, and is also responsible for GPs' performance and revalidation.   In December 2014 he was side-lined (.pdf) for the appointment as Medical Director for the Southwest area of NHS England.   He will lose his job as Responsible Officer in April 2015.

Dr Lockerbie on YouTube

NEW Dr Lockerbie on YouTube (more here).

Mrs Sally Foxall: Non-executive board member of Devon PCT.   Three times a member of the hearing panels.

Mr Greg Allen: PCT Board Member and Director of Human Resources and Workforce Development.   He has secured a new role as Director of Workforce and Organisational Development at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.   He was a member of the initial Screening Panel that decided that both doctors should face performance hearings.   A former army officer, he was ostensibly in command of Dr Stephenson’s disciplinary process as “the Responsible Officer for independent contractor performance”.   Resigned October 2011.

Greg Allen on YouTube

NEW Greg Allen on YouTube

Dr Nick d’Arcy: a General Practitioner in Kingskerswell and Ipplepen, he was a member of the initial screening group, yet was also a member of the first hearing panels for BOTH Dr Stephenson’s and Dr Bower’s performance reviews.   Whilst a Devon PCT board member and PEC chairman, he was responsible for approving Dr Stephenson’s return to unrestricted practice.   Recently resigned from the PCT.   In 2015 his practice was roundly criticised in an inquiry report undertaken by Dr Lockerbie

Dr Mark Sanford-Wood: Newly elected Chair of Devon LMC (in place of Dr Charlie Daniels (see below)).   Represented the LMC on the first hearing panels for BOTH Dr Bower and Dr Stephenson, and the panel that suspended Dr Stephenson.   In November 2014 he announced his retirement to the nation “because the financial risk was just too much”. Very soon afterwards his views on QOF seem to have changed (.pdf) : “…the slavish ticking of meaningless boxes.”

Dr Charlie Daniels: Represented the LMC on the panel that contingently removed Dr Stephenson.

Ms Rebecca Harriott: Was Devon PCT Director of Provider Development; now Chief Officer for Northern, Eastern and Western (NEW) Devon Clinical Commissioning Group.

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