Devon Primary Care Trust judgement in High Court
DevonPCT judgement
An account of the suspension, contingent removal and termination of Devon GP Dr Roger Stephenson's contract, the subsequent High Court judgement against Devon Primary Care Trust and ongoing developments in this case.
July 1 Dr Peter Selley retires. Dr Andrew Bower (Dr AB) takes over as probationary partner
September 27 Dr AB contacts Dr Jolliffe, Chief Officer of Local Medical Committee (LMC) over "concerns" about Dr Roger Stephenson (Dr RES)
October 1 LMC's Dr Jolliffe passes on concerns to PCT, unbeknown to Dr RES
October-March 2008 Five months silence during which Drs RES and AB practising side by side, Dr AB as probationary partner
January 19 Dr AB spends Saturday preparing bundle of documents representing allegations against Dr RES
January 21 Kevin Hale writes letter to Drs RES and AB asking for explanation of QOF figures
January 22 Dr AB sends bundle of allegations to PCT (in reply to Kevin Hale’s letter of 21 Jan but prepared prior to receipt of this letter)
January 23 PCT receives Dr AB’s bundle
February 12 Devon PCT Board approve procedure for investigating GPs' performance
March 3 Dr RES receives 24 hours notice of PCT hearing with power to suspend (five months after concerns raised)
March 4 1st PCT hearing aborted on procedural grounds (inquorate panel, non-clinical investigating officer, etc)
March 12-14 Dr Graham Lockerbie conducts three day investigation into Bow Practice
March 17 Dr RES receives Dr Lockerbie's report with 36 hours notice of suspension hearing
March 19 2nd PCT Hearing - Dr RES's suspension begins
May 16 General Medical Council Interim Orders Panel - no order made against Dr RES
June 18 3rd PCT hearing - suspension continues despite GMC ruling no reason to suspend
August Drs. Wyatt and Hayter conduct second investigation into Bow practice
September 2 4th PCT hearing - Contingent Removal - 3 months assessment in Exeter before return to Bow
September 3 Dr AB resigns from his Bow contract, unbeknown to Dr RES until informed by PCT on 29 Sep
September 29 Dr RES receives PCT's letter purportedly terminating Bow contract
October 10 Dr RES launches appeal to FHSAA against contingent removal
October 21 Dr RES launches appeal to FHSAU against termination of contract
December 15 Dr RES assessed as fully competent
December 17 FHSAU determines improper notice given by PCT to Dr RES, contract "frustrated"
December 22 Dr RES returns to work in Bow for 3 months
January 20 PCT withdraws its reply to FHSAA appeal (3 days before appeal date) - PCT lifts Contingent Removal
January 21 First incorrect FHSAA ruling, wrongly asserting that Dr RES had withdrawn
January 28 Second incorrect FHSAA ruling ("allowing" appeal)
January 28 Building work starts for temporary surgery despite ongoing availability of old surgery
March 17 Third incorrect FHSAA ruling ("dismissing" appeal). Dr RES mounts High Court challenge
March 30 Dr RES's last day of work at Bow
March 31 Surgery moved to temporary premises in Portakabins and run by locums
May 1 Dr AB awarded new contract to work in Bow
June Dr Snee resigns his post at Devon PCT to move to New Zealand
July 10 Dr RES attains High Court victory overturning contingent removal of 18 Sep 2008
September 9 Dr Radford, Chairman of NHS Devon, refuses to commission an independent inquiry into the case
September 28 Dr Jolliffe, Chief Officer of Devon LMC, refuses to meet Dr Stephenson to discuss the case
March 8 Devon PCT belatedly undertake legal duty to inform GMC of Dr Stephenson's High Court victory
May 25 PCT finally admit their investigators were untrained for their role
September 16 Ann James, CEO of NHS Devon, declines external inquiry, but announces internal review
December Dr Jolliffe retires as CEO of Devon LMC
July 18 Information Commissioner rebukes Devon LMC for failing to comply with the Data Protection Act
September 1 Dr Lockerbie appointed Medical Director of NHS Devon
December 31 Dr Lockerbie leaves Dartmouth Medical Practice
May 31 Information Commissioner rebukes NHS Devon for their "destruction" of a key document in Dr Stephenson’s case
N/K Dr Lockerbie appointed "Responsible Officer" for Devon GPs (assesses GP’s suitability for Revalidation by the GMC)
November 7 Dr Lockerbie submits a positive recommendation for Dr Stephenson to be revalidated by the GMC
April 3 High Court orders disclosure of Devon PCT's documents
December Dr Lockerbie “not appointed” as Medical Director of southwest area of NHS England and will lose his job as Responsible Officer in April 2015
September GMC rejects Dr Lockerbie’s complaint about the content of this website

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